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Premiere Optical - 50 Years Of Handmade Spectacles.


JB has been making hand-made bespoke and custom-made spectacles or glasses for over 50 years!


Made for individuals and the trade where spectacle-wearers have wanted an individual, personalised alternative to the masses. Recently the demand for unique one-off custom glasses frames has increased along with the demand for limited ranges of frames.


Today we are making that offer available on-line: Hand-made, bespoke glasses made in the UK by experienced craftsmen & women.

About 50 Years

How We Make Hand-made Spectacles?


We make hand-crafted spectacle frames for individuals, brands and for optician trade from scratch - genuinely hand-made from the very start to the very fine finish. At Premiere Optical “hand made” means hand made! There are very, very few other hand-made spectacles makers left in the world. Your JB Handmades will be rare for their design and also for their genuinely hand-made bespoke quality.


Of course, we have a full eyeglass glazing department and can fit any lens of any quality. Just ask us.

I’ve been looking for a stylish pair of half-frames (or reading glasses) for ages and couldn’t find any new ones that had the flair I wanted. I happened upon a trashed pair of 1950’s cat-eye half frames in a junk store which were perfect - but they had been well used and discoloured in their 65 years.


I found Premiere Optical online and, Hallelujah! I now have a beautiful, new, pair of classic 1950’s eyewear. They’re gorgeous, and I can’t wait to have another pair made: fantastic service, attention to detail, reasonable prices, and excellent service. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Patt Innes

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